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Welcome to the township of Nightfall, a small community in the territorial southwest whose sole existence depends on maintaining the Asylum of Goulliard. Here resides the infamous Dr. Jebediah Hyde, a poor tortured soul and his twisted journey through a horrible life of anguish and dispair as well as the inmates and their monotonous life of torture and confinement...

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Nightfall at Old Tucson Studios is a Halloween event created during the late 80s / early 90s to capitalize on the young but growing Halloween franchise of the era. It was originally handed to Jon A. Mincks who was Stunt coordinator and Director at the time he created a township and a cast of characters inhabiting what he refers to as "The Gothic West". Element of Nightfall stem from Classic Horror such as Frankenstein but also carries a specific relation to a play titled Marat/Sade which depicts acts of the French Revolution with the help and strict supervision of a mental institution.

Over the years, Nightfall at Old Tucson Studios has become one of the largest Halloween Haunt events of Southern Arizona.

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